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Mamiya M645 - Camera

Mamiya M645 - Camera

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Manual focus medium format SLR camera released by Mamiya in 1975. It features interchangeable focusing screens and finders but no removable film back. It does have film inserts, though, allowing rapid film switches once a roll is finished. Takes 6x4.5cm images on 120 film. Has mirror lock-up, built-in multiple exposures, and two shutter release buttons. Metal body available in black.

  • Shutter: Vertical cloth focal plane, 8s - 1/500s + B
  • Size: 310 x 270 x 150mm
  • Weight: 950g
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Mamiya 645

Mamiya’s manual focus 645 system was introduced in 1975 and was produced until the 645AF supplanted it in 1999.

There are two generations of manual focus 645 cameras. Lenses can be shared between models of different generations, but accessories can only be used with cameras of the same generation. Earlier generation cameras are called M645 and have mainly metal and leatherette exteriors, while later generation M645 Super/Pro cameras have a more plasticky exterior.

Instead of a leaf shutter like other modular SLRs, the Mamiya 645 uses a focal plane shutter. This allows the camera to use faster shutter speed and makes lenses smaller but limits the camera's ability to sync with a flash.

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Mamiya M645 - Camera Availability & Price History
Date Sold SKU Quality Control Price Image
Available T41835 $1,303.00 Mamiya M645 + 55mm f2.8 Sekor C + M645 Prism Finder
Available T40616 $977.00 Mamiya M645 + 80mm f2.8 Sekor C
Available T45224 $868.00 Mamiya M645 + M645 AE Prism Finder
23 Mar 2023 T38194 € 699.00 Mamiya M645 - Camera Image
13 Jan 2023 T35733 € 899.00 Mamiya M645 - Camera Image
14 Dec 2022 T32166 € 899.00 Mamiya M645 - Camera Image
12 Oct 2022 T27445 € 999.00 Mamiya M645 - Camera Image
14 Sep 2022 T18109 € 899.00 Mamiya M645 - Camera Image
09 Jun 2022 T17518 € 899.00 Mamiya M645 - Camera Image
17 Mar 2022 A74797 € 799.00 Mamiya M645 - Camera Image
08 Mar 2022 E16148 € 79.00 Mamiya M645 - Camera Image