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Nikon F3 - Camera

Nikon F3 - Camera

35mm manual focus F-mount SLR camera released by Nikon in March 1980. The first of Nikon's professional SLRs to require a battery, that at first made professionals avoid it in favor of the previous fully mechanical F2. Over time the F3 proved to be reliable and the additions the electronics ended up bringing to the table, such as aperture-priority auto exposure and an LCD meter readout in the finder, turned out to be worth the departure from the fully mechanical functions. Versions were made until 2004, meaning it was produced longer than its successor, the Nikon F4, showing its eventual popularity among professionals and hobbyists alike. This also means it was the longest-produced professional Nikon SLR ever. The F3 was designed by Italian automotive designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, and its iconic red line on the left side of the camera lives on to this day with Nikon's modern offerings. Features of the F3 include 1/60s flash sync, multi-exposure capability, +/-2 exposure compensation, and a bunch of accessories such as interchangeable finders, focusing screens, and motor drives. Metal body available in black or champagne (Titanium version) finish.

  • Shutter: Titanium horizontal focal plane, 8s - 1/2000s + B/X/T
  • ISO range: 12 - 6400
  • Size: 150 x 96 x 65mm (w/ DE-2 finder)
  • Weight: 718g (w/ DE-2 finder)
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Nikon F

Nikon introduced their first SLR, the Nikon F, in 1959. Alongside it they unveiled a series of lenses and a new lens mount that would carry them to professional success for the next decades. To this day, all Nikon DSLRs use the Nikon F mount.

In the beginning, Nikon lenses communicated aperture information to the body using a metal coupling fork, affectionately known as "bunny ears". Soon after, Nikon began using a similar system that automatically told the camera the maximum aperture of the lens. This Automatic Indexing (AI) system stuck around for decades in lenses and is still found on Nikon's high-end professional DSLRs even though new lenses communicate this information electronically.

With only minor compatibility issues (don't use a pre-AI lens on AI bodies or modern digital cameras), Nikon F lenses and bodies are pretty much interchangeable.

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Nikon F3 - Camera Availability & Price History
Date Sold SKU Quality Control Price Image
Available T55995 $525.00 Nikon F3
Available T56804 $476.00 Nikon F3
15 Nov 2023 T56383 € 404.10 Nikon F3 - Camera Image
02 Nov 2023 T55288 € 469.00 Nikon F3 - Camera Image
18 Jul 2023 E19015 € 459.00 Nikon F3 - Camera Image
02 Jul 2023 E18539 € 529.00 Nikon F3 - Camera Image
27 Jun 2023 E18664 € 499.00 Nikon F3 - Camera Image
06 Jun 2023 E18929 € 549.00 Nikon F3 - Camera Image
28 Mar 2023 T39571 € 479.00 Nikon F3 - Camera Image
24 Mar 2023 T39574 € 499.00 Nikon F3 - Camera Image
14 Mar 2023 E18529 € 499.00 Nikon F3 - Camera Image
07 Mar 2023 T36988 € 429.00 Nikon F3 - Camera Image
25 Dec 2022 E17552 € 399.00 Nikon F3 - Camera Image
31 Oct 2022 T28818 € 469.00 Nikon F3 - Camera Image
03 Oct 2022 T26086 € 449.00 Nikon F3 - Camera Image
05 Sep 2022 E17119 € 449.00 Nikon F3 - Camera Image
24 Jul 2022 T19964 € 499.00 Nikon F3 - Camera Image
13 Jul 2022 T19014 € 499.00 Nikon F3 - Camera Image
13 Jul 2022 E16438 € 449.00 Nikon F3 - Camera Image
14 May 2022 T14338 € 579.00 Nikon F3 - Camera Image
11 Feb 2022 T11478 € 449.00 Nikon F3 - Camera Image
21 May 2021 A59664 € 449.00 Nikon F3 - Camera Image