Kamerastore x SmarterEveryDay - New Video Online Now!

Kamerastore x SmarterEveryDay - New Video Online Now!

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Did you see? We made an appearance on the SmarterEveryDay YouTube channel!


If you’re unfamiliar, SmarterEveryDay is a YouTube channel run by Destin, an American engineer who loves to explore mechanics and science in practical, everyday terms. Hence the name, the goal is to be smarter every day by exploring different scientific concepts!

Destin visited us last summer because he, like us, is excited and enamored with the mechanics of film cameras. While he was here, we couldn’t help but show him what makes us special in the world of film photography; our dedication to testing and checking using period-appropriate, professional tools and equipment.

Destin became particularly interested in an old-school Leica testing machine meant to work on the principle commonly known nowadays as “rolling shutter”. Our mechanic Ari was glad to showcase how the machine works to test Leica shutters and how it can be used to find flaws in non-working cameras as well.

Here at Kamerastore, we make efforts to test and check every aspect of a camera before we sell it. If something is wrong, we fix it or we let you know as a buyer so you can make an informed decision. We do this to keep film photography alive on a global scale. What better way to do that then by working with other passionate people who can help us get our message out there?

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about what we do here (and the concept of rolling shutter) click here to watch the video! You can also check out some more blog articles on shutter speed testing, adapting vintage lenses to modern digital cameras, and learning how dirty a lens can be before it affects image quality. Thanks again to Destin for coming to Finland to spend some time with us!

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Destin is the man and you folks do some really cool stuff too! Keep up the great work. I enjoyed the video and wish you all the best.


Reid Overturf

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