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Essential Copy Stand v2

Essential Copy Stand v2

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Product Description:


Re-released in a new version with a custom made heavy steel base:

  • Heavier base than the v1
  • Quick-release option the column, allowing quick disassembly
  • Black powder-coated base
  • Easier to assemble

The VALOI 360 Essential Copy Stand  will hold your camera, allow you to change the height up and down with relative ease and lets you easily attach your camera in a position pointing down.

  • Points your camera down at the desk to allow for easy scanning
  • Easily regulate the height of the stand with a simple lock and slide
  • Wide grip-area for the head to hold the camera firmly
  • Large custom aluminium tripod screw for great ergonomics and a firm grip on your camera
  • Wide area to allow space for your hands
  • Aluminium and construction providing stability while being affordable
  • Easy user-assembly


Optimised for Scanning

Unlike a tripod, which is meant to point your camera at a subject in front of you, the scanning stand points your camera down at the desk where you will place your film holder. From here, you can easily regulate the height by sliding the head up and down the rail of the stand instead of being forced to re-adjust the legs of a tripod - this makes it much quicker to set up and get scanning with than a traditional tripod.

A Camera Head Designed for Scanning and Ergonomics

The head of our stand is custom made and especially designed for the task of scanning. The shape of it supports the camera sturdily while providing a wide front, covered in a rubber material, that grips onto the base of the camera to keep it from swinging. The wider front also allows for a large, custom made for this stand, 40mm diameter tripod screw and for your hands to tighten it to tighten it with ease. 


Choose between two lengths by adding an extension:

- Standard length: 490mm 
- Extended length: 690mm
Lengths are measured from the surface it is standing on to the top of the column. Actual usable height is 20-30mm shorter.

See size measurements in the images.  

Note that the extended length does not fully replace a professional-grade stand as the stability is not improved over the standard length version. The extended version is not suitable for use with heavy lenses and cameras, such as a professional DSLR with a 100mm macro lens. 


The chart below will tell you if you need the extension or not (assuming you scan 120 film - if you only scan 35mm film, you never need the extension for normal focal length lenses). The compatibility is based on our judgement of if the stand is stable enough or not.

Setup  Extension Compatible
APS-C mirrorless camera + 60mm or shorter lens No Yes
M4/3 camera + 40mm or shorter lens No Yes
APS-C DSLR + 60mm or shorter lens No Yes
M4/3 or APS-C camera with 60mm or longer lens Yes Yes
APS-C camera with 90mm lens or longer Yes Yes*
Smaller full-frame mirrorless camera + 70mm or shorter lens No Yes
Larger full-frame mirrorless camera + 70mm or shorter lens No Yes*
Smaller full-frame mirrorless camera with 90mm lens or longer Yes Yes*
Larger full-frame mirrorless camera + 90mm lens or longer NA No
Pro-level Full-frame DSLR  NA No


This setup is pushing the limit of what we recommend for the stand. You may have to be more patient and more careful if using this stand with this setup. Failing to do this can result in blurry pictures. If you are unsure - get in touch at

Cosmetic condition: The metal parts on this product may contain small scratches or scuffs due to the manufacturing and shipping of it. This is normal and has no impact on function - we will not replace parts with minor cosmetic damage.

Additional accessories are necessary to produce a final image, including a digital camera, a close-focusing lens and a light source. See our gear-guide for more at

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