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Hasselblad CF Lens Adapter (3043500) - Lens Adapter

Hasselblad CF Lens Adapter (3043500) - Lens Adapter

The CF Lens Adapter (3043500) allows the use of all C-type lenses on H-cameras. Processors for data conversion bridge the two systems to access a number of the H-display and lens-control functions. The adapter enables:

• light metering at full aperture.

• electronic focus confirmation on viewfinder display.

• exploitation of databus connection with CFE lenses.

• access to shutter speeds (manually set on lens) from 1s–1/500s, B and T

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Hasselblad H

Hasselblad's H-system was launched in 2002 and moved away from the 6x6 format that had become synonymous with Hasselblad cameras. Lenses for the H system are made by Fujifilm rather than Carl Zeiss.

This system incorporates autofocus and auto-exposure, with electronic control for almost all features compared to the mainly-mechanical V series.

Earlier H bodies can accept either film or digital backs, but later models are exclusively digital.

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02 Apr 2024 E19968 € 806.00 Hasselblad CF Lens Adapter (3043500) - Lens Adapter Image