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Hasselblad Linear Mirror Unit (40185) - Accessory

Hasselblad Linear Mirror Unit (40185) - Accessory

This item consists of a flange mirror that fits into the body lens mount and a reflecting mirror that is placed in the subject plane. Provides very precise alignment of the camera to a flat plane for precise copying. It was first listed in 1964 and discontinued in 1988.

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Hasselblad V

The Hasselblad V system consists of a variety of 6x6 medium format cameras that began production in 1948. These bodies were produced, with many iterations, until 2013. All Hasselblad V cameras use medium format (generally 120) roll film and produce 6x6cm square images.

The first cameras of the V system, the 1600F and 1000F, used in-body focal plane shutters. While they were successful, issues with reliability and fragility, as well as user desire to sync flash more easily, prompted Hasselblad to switch to lens-based leaf shutters.

The first Hasselblad with a leaf shutter was the 500C in 1957. These lenses, fitted with Synchro Compur shutters, proved incredibly robust, reliable, and popular. NASA even brought these cameras to the moon, as Hasselblad loves to remind us! The famous ”Earthrise” photo, with the Earth rising over the horizon of the moon, was taken with a modified Hasselblad 500EL and 250mm lens.

For the next 60 years Hasselblad cameras would stand as the definitive modular SLR experience. Despite innovations from companies like Mamiya, Zenza Bronica, and Rolleiflex, the Hasselblad V system was the bar to reach in terms of build/image quality.

Hasselblad V cameras have access to a wide array of Carl Zeiss lenses as well as a series of interchangeable backs, allowing the cameras to shoot 6x6, 6x4.5, and 35mm panoramic. There are even digital backs that can turn your 60 year old Hasselblad into a modern digital camera!

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26 Mar 2023 T27439 € 129.00 Hasselblad Linear Mirror Unit (40185) - Accessory Image
13 Mar 2023 A58566 € 144.00 Hasselblad Linear Mirror Unit (40185) - Accessory Image