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Leica 2X Extender-R (11236) - Accessory

Leica 2X Extender-R (11236) - Accessory

High quality doubling teleconverter for Leica R. Optical design consists of 7 elements in 5 groups. Weight: 270g. Compatible with R3 and later camera models.

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Leica R

Leica introduced the R system in 1964 as an alternative to their M mount rangefinders and as a response to the successful SLR systems of the time, including Nikon F and Pentax M42. The R system was produced, with some modifications, until 2009.

Most R mount lenses can be used on any R mount camera, but there are compatibility issues with both the oldest and newest lenses. Over time, Leica added features and technology to the lenses that made them incompatible.

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Leica 2X Extender-R (11236) - Accessory Availability & Price History
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Available T51326 $88.00 Leica 2X Extender-R (11236)
18 Oct 2023 T50893 € 29.65 Leica 2X Extender-R (11236) - Accessory Image
28 Aug 2022 A73180 € 55.50 Leica 2X Extender-R (11236) - Accessory Image