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Mamiya RB67 Professional - Camera

Mamiya RB67 Professional - Camera

Manual focus 120/220 Mamiya RB67 mount SLR medium format camera released by Mamiya in 1970. The first model in the RB67 line of cameras. A fully mechanical and modular camera with interchangeable finders, lenses, and film magazines. The RB was designed as a replacement for both the Mamiya C TLRs and Mamiya Universal Press cameras and gets its name from its Rotating Back. The RB67 uses a bellows focusing system to allow for closer focusing than other modular SLR cameras. Plastic and metal body available in black.

  • Size: 139 x 123 x 102mm
  • Weight: 991g (body only without rotating back)
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Mamiya RB67

The Mamiya RB67 is an iconic Japanese medium format 6x7 SLR. The name RB67 gets its name one of its defining features; a Rotating Back. This ingenious design allows for portrait or landscape shooting without rotating the camera. The viewfinder is a 7x7 square and has lines to reflect both orientations. The RB is a fully mechanical system that does not require batteries to operate, which is one of its biggest advantages over the newer RZ67.  Mamiya produced many different lenses for the RB67, all of them excellent. Lenses are equipped with leaf shutters with speeds ranging from 1 second to 1/400s. There are also interchangeable finders, grips, film backs, and other accessories that make the RB67 a truly modular camera.

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07 Jan 2024 T36200 € 1,427.00 Mamiya RB67 Professional - Camera Image
28 Nov 2023 T37622 € 1,399.00 Mamiya RB67 Professional - Camera Image
03 Mar 2023 T38141 € 1,499.00 Mamiya RB67 Professional - Camera Image
01 Jan 2023 T28231 € 1,599.00 Mamiya RB67 Professional - Camera Image