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Sarvis Fotex Akromat - Camera

Sarvis Fotex Akromat - Camera

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A little rarer Fotex Akromat Finnish bakelite camera made by Sarvis in Tampere, Finland. Most likely an prototype model wich never officially released for production.


Sarvis started produce much simpler Fotex instead of Fotex Akromat, wich is still the only one Finnish mass-produced bakelite camera. Few hundred Fotex cameras were made. The optics were manufactured by a Tampere-based optician and the camera body itself, the Sarvis plastic factory.

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Sarvis Fotex Akromat - Camera Availability & Price History
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Available E19061 $135.00 Sarvis Fotex Akromat
Available E19119 $242.00 Sarvis Fotex Akromat