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Sony A300 - Camera

Sony A300 - Camera

APS-C DSLR camera released by Sony in 2008. Has a 2.7" tilting LCD screen and a built-in flash. Plastic body available in black.

  • Sensor: 10 MP APS-C CCD
  • Shutter: 30s - 1/4000s
  • Continuous shooting: 3 fps
  • Battery: Olympus BLH-1
  • ISO range: 100 - 3200
  • Size: 132 x 98 x 80mm
  • Weight: 599g
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Sony A

Sony’s A mount is the result of their purchase of Minolta’s camera division in 2006. Sony inherited most of Minolta’s innovative technology, including their autofocus lens mount, Minolta AF. Sony’s DSLRs used the A mount until the mirrorless E mount became the standard.

Sony A and Minolta AF are physically identical, and Minolta AF lenses can be used on Sony A bodies without issue. Sony also improved the lens mount over time, adding fast and quiet focusing motors (SSM) to lenses and improving coatings. Their collaboration with Carl Zeiss also added high quality lenses to the system.

As of now, Sony’s A mount is officially discontinued. The lenses can be used on E mount mirrorless cameras with the aid of an LA-EA3 or LA-EA4 adapter.

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Sony A300 - Camera Availability & Price History
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21 Dec 2023 T57720 € 79.00 Sony A300 - Camera Image
12 Sep 2023 T50415 € 79.99 Sony A300 - Camera Image
08 Jun 2023 T44725 € 25.00 Sony A300 - Camera Image
21 Apr 2023 T40773 € 60.00 Sony A300 - Camera Image
03 Dec 2022 T30982 € 89.00 Sony A300 - Camera Image
30 Mar 2022 E16292 € 90.00 Sony A300 - Camera Image